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Westlake High School is dedicated to developing core competencies in all students. We value thinking, research, communication, social and self-management skills. It is our belief that all students have the potential to achieve in all areas of high school. Our goal is to broaden our students’ thinking and expand their horizons while fostering the growth of nine critical attributes that we refer to as the Portrait of a Mt. Pleasant Learner.

Those attributes are being:

  • a communicator
  • resilient 
  • a collaborator
  • a problem solver
  • responsible
  • empathetic
  • a critical thinker
  • open-minded
  • reflective

We strive to meet the needs of all students as they navigate a rapidly changing, pluralistic, technologically complex society. We believe the school and community share in this educational responsibility; curricular offerings reflect not only state and local requirements, but also the interests and needs of the school community.

Furthermore, the school must create an atmosphere where people are accepted as individuals in an environment that fosters self-discipline, mutual respect, cooperation, and excellence.