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Freshman Orientation

Freshman Orientation

Incoming 9th graders gathered at WHS for Freshman Orientation. Squeezed in between vacations and preseason athletics practices, students had the opportunity to meet Principal Keith Schenker, Assistant Principal Dan Brady, and their guidance counselors, as well as some upper class P.A.L.S. Peer Advice and Leadership Service(P.A.L.S) is a program at WHS designed to help incoming freshman and new students adjust to the high school under the guidance and support of upperclassmen mentors. Mentors are available to the student throughout the freshman year to help make the transition into high school a successful experience.

After meeting in the lobby, the group moved into the auditorium for some welcoming remarks from Mr. Schenker, "When we met in June, I asked you to remember three words: competition, rigor, and relevance. Now is your chance to start building the story of your four years at WHS." He continued, "Where do you see yourself four years from today? Ask yourself right now. Now is the time to take the right steps to make sure your choices are yours. Think about how to take advantage of opportunities and be involved in new things. Do each of them bring you closer to or farther away from your goals? It is going to be a great four years and it is going to go fast!"

Then Mr. Brady, who is entering his "freshman year" at WHS also (but as an administrator), said, "I have explored the building but what I know so that YOU are the heart of this place! I have an open door policy, so please come and see me anytime! I want to help you cultivate your academic careers and get to know you all."

Counselor and P.A.L.S. advisor Tim O’Dwyer gave directions for the next part of the event, breaking up into small groups, touring the building using schedules as a guide, and making a stop at lockers, of course.

Thank you to everyone for making it a great day. We are very excited to officially welcome the Class of 2027 to Westlake High School!