The guidance department mission is to help students to become curious, knowledgeable and independent thinkers grounded in strong values and integrity.We help our students to lead balanced lifestyles and be prepared for the real-world, taking on new challenges and embracing responsible risks. 


Phone: 769-8440

Fax: 769-0596

Nicholas DiPaolo, Dept. Chair - Ext. 1610 - ndipaolo@mtplcsd.org

Lauren Cody, Counselor............. Ext. 1603  -  lcody@mtplcsd.org 

Colette Magnan, Counselor....... - Ext. 1604 - cmagnan@mtplcsd.org

Tim O'Dwyer, Counselor......... - Ext. 1602 - todwyer@mtplcsd.org

Susan Zorrilla, Secretary.... - Ext. 1601 - szorrilla@mtplcsd.org                      


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College Application Deadline Worksheet

Use this form to keep track of individual college deadlines.

Using eDOCS thru Naviance Students Guide  

A step‐by‐step guide on how students can utilize the extremely fast and seamless eDocs program to process their college applications.

Information on Campus Visits

Tips on getting the most out of your campus visits.

 2021-22 WHS Profile 

College Applications...How To Apply  - A how-to-apply guide

 2021-22 Senior Conference Packet   -  Helpful info for understanding the college application process. Will be given to you in your senior conference. 



The Guidance Department keeps all materials and resources in this depository for students to access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  


Naviance is a comprehensive, interactive, guidance-based program that allows students and their counselors to explore the world of colleges, careers and personal interest inventories.  Students are given access in 9th grade. 


Introduction to Naviance for Students        

Naviance & Family Connection Website



The guidance and counseling services at Westlake High School are designed to meet the educational, social, and emotional needs of students at each grade level. Upon entering the ninth grade, students are assigned a counselor. The counselor is deeply interested in assisting students to achieve their maximum potential academically while they encourage social and extracurricular experiences which provide maximum personal growth. Guidance and counseling involves a commitment on the part of the counselor to each student as an individual. The programs are designed to address common concerns — scheduling, orientation, transition, testing, academic issues, and the college selection process — and at the same time provide a highly-individualized focus for every student. The counselors are not merely academic advisers — they are trained professionals with interest and experience in assisting students as they face and explore concerns that are important to their lives.

 Students are encouraged to view the counselor as supportive in dealing with the complexities of decision-making and problem-resolution in their academic and personal lives while at Westlake High School.  Counselors receive copies of all progress, academic and discipline reports. They are in constant contact with teachers, administrators, and parents and are, therefore, in a position to have a comprehensive understanding of each student in their case load. 

 Our aim is to foster student growth so that it is the students themselves who become excellent self-advocates. While we invite and welcome parent/guardian support, we do ask that students initiate and make every effort to address any issues and approach any experiences on their own. Of course, if a student is not able to or experiences difficulty in addressing questions and concerns, we expect that parents/guardians will then do so.

Social Emotional Supports & Mindfulness Activities

As always, if you need assistance of any kind (personal, emotional etc...), your School Counselor is a great resource and starting point. Sometimes, students need additional support. Below is the contact info for our School Psychologists. Feel free to reach out or if  it is more comfortable for you, your School Counselor can connect you to one of our School Psychologists. Just let us know!

Our School Psychologists:

Dr. Gilian Goldman - Grades 11 & 12 - ggoldman@mtplcsd.org

Ms. Danielle Idone - Grades 9 & 10 -  didone@mtplcsd.org

WHS Virtual Zen Space - A great resource for mindfulness activities, movement exercises, puzzles and games, art and relaxation techniques

COVID-19 Mental Health Resources - Helpful links and resources for maintaining a positive lifestyle during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Also, contains mental health support hotlines.


Bereavement Support:

Bereavement Center of Westchester - (914)787-6158 

 Harbor Lights Foundation - Contact Form

National Center for School Crisis & Bereavement