Sixty four juniors and seniors were inducted into Westlake High School’s chapter of the National Honor Society in a ceremony on January 8, 2019.  Surrounded by friends and family, newly inducted students took the oath to uphold the ideals of the nearly 100 year old organization.  Principal Keith Schenker gave accolades to the students in his welcome speech "Induction into the National Honor Society is more than just a symbolic gesture meant to fill a line on a college application; it is an affirmation on the part of your teachers, administrators and parents that you have committed your life, thus far, to the successful pursuit of scholarship, leadership, character and service."  He reminded them that they have the power to shape the future of our country.

New inductees are:

Natalie Anderson Rebecca Cross Katelyn Jaime Giuliana Piazza
Jacqueline Andrews Aaron Dearborn Stacie Kinlen Kristin Pierce
Jason Ausiello Serena Dell’Orto Samantha La Scala Jessica Prauda
Paul Bedus Kathryn DeVito Caleb Levitt Roman Raguso
Julia Behring Brendan Di Liberti Lauren Lyden Antonio Resciniti
Emma Bigley Katherine Di Liberti Mary Lyons Bailey Rodgers
Lea Bonsignore Kenneth Dronzek Matthew Martin Beatrice Scoca
Courtney Bonyai Kyra Earley Daniel McCormack Frank Shreli
Amanda Bradley Arianna Edwards Kaitlyn McGuinness Elizabeth Snyder
Colleen Bradley Olivia Eng Justin McIntosh Emily Specht
Samantha Castellano Sadie Feighan Nicole Micela Jake Szeszko
Leah Castellano Paul Gschneidner Arianna Muratore Marissa Tradito
Peter Cavazzini Declan Hegarty Gabriella Muratore Emma Trainor
Julia Clark  Kiera Higham Nicole Musial Tyler Tsiakaros
Juliana Colabatistto  Alexandra Howard  Liam Naughton Maeve Verna
Joseph Cory  Nicole Izzo Riley Neglia  Edvin Verzivolli





Congratulations to senior Amanda Rubeo who was awarded the 17th annual Aimee Chu Hung Braun Travel-Study Scholarship during the National Honor Society induction ceremony.  The award recognizes students who give of themselves to others.  While Amanda is an extremely busy student maintaining excellent grades, serving as  yearbook editor, participating in the school choral group, The Blendors, and helping out on tech crew, she has still managed to find time to give herself to service. For the past several summers, she has volunteered her time at the North East Special Recreation Department to serve as a camp counselor to children with special needs.  This work has helped her find her passion.  After graduation, Amanda will pursue a degree in elementary education with a minor in special education and hopes to continue a life of service to those who need help most.