Return to In Person Full Time Learning

Dear Students and Parents,

I am thoroughly excited that we will be welcoming all students back to five days a week, in-person learning.  While that may raise some important questions in the minds of students and parents, I am certain that we will have in place the necessary protocols and community support to make this transition successful.  We have been preparing for the full return of in-person learning, planned for March 22, and have compiled the following outline as a guide for parents and students as we transition.

Bell Schedule:

The High School schedule will revert back to block scheduling and we will follow the 6-day A-F cycle that is posted in eSchool and on the district calendar.  One consistent message I have heard from students and teachers throughout this entire school year has been the difficulty of adjusting instruction to conform to 40 minute periods.  It has always been my intent to reinstate the block schedule as soon as possible and this is the main reason why the skeleton of the block schedule remained intact in the back end of eSchool.  The change to an all-in model brings with it a variety of concerns when we look through the lens of Covid, all of these concerns can be mitigated and we will discuss the ways in which we do that.  Notwithstanding all of these mitigation steps, one primary aspect the block schedule provides in a Covid world is less exposure to students and between students on any given day.   Additionally, unlike our current compressed schedule, passing time in hallways under block scheduling is reduced to 4 passing times versus 8 in a traditional schedule. 

There are health and safety reasons for the transition back to block, but there are even more important reasons when it comes to teaching and learning.  The return to block scheduling will ease the inevitable difficulties of transitioning students back into a school routine as the workload has always been more manageable for students under block than a 9 period day.  With regard to the preparation for a return to a normal school year next fall, the block will provide the necessary time teachers will need to continue to assess and address skill deficiencies in our students as a result of a year of Covid-induced schooling.

  • Bell schedules for Monday -Thursday, and Friday early release schedules are attached 20-21 Return Bell Schedule  and  20-21 return 1 Hour Early Dismissal.
  • Monday, March 22 is a B-day
  • Student schedules will be accurate in eSchool as of Friday, March 19 (paper copies will be available for students on Monday, March 22)
  • Friday, March 26 is the first 1-hour early release Friday

Daily Health Screeners:

Please complete the daily health screener no later than 7:00 am each morning.  This will make the morning screening process for building entry that much more efficient.  Starting with the full return on March 22, any student who does not have a health screener completed will be pulled from their first period so a parent can be contacted to complete the form.  Students will return to class once a parent has been contacted.

Arrival and Dismissal:

With increased attendance on a 5-day schedule, the traffic flow on campus will be impacted.  We are reinforcing the drop-off times for those students not riding the bus. 

  • Bus Drop-Off is between 7:15-7:30 am
  • Parent Drop-Off is between 7:25-7:45 am
  • Students should report to the cafeterias if arrival is prior to 7:30
  • Students arriving after 7:30 should report to their first-period classroom

Dismissal time will be 2:00 pm, Monday-Thursday, and 1:00 pm on Fridays.  Buses will leave campus at approximately 2:05-2:10 and 1:05-1:10 respectively.  We ask that parents picking students up from campus arrive after buses have departed.  Parent pick-up will be out in front of the High School Main Entrance.

Classroom Layout & Procedures:

Student seating will be spaced less than 6-feet apart in most classrooms and cafeterias, but students will be separated by approved barriers that will be installed prior to March 22.  In addition:

  • Students will be expected to sign out when leaving the classroom to use the restroom
  • Seating charts will be maintained for all classes for contact tracing purposes
  • All students will be expected to keep masks on at all times
  • Windows and doors will remain open for increased air circulation, please dress accordingly

Hallway Procedures:

One benefit of reverting back to block is that it reduces the number of times a day the full building is passing in the hallways.  To further reduce the hallway congestion that can occur during passing time, we will:

  • Be staggering the exit from classrooms.  Odd-numbered classrooms will release at the bell and even-numbered classrooms will be released two minutes later with 6 minutes of passing time between blocks, this will provide students with plenty of time to get to class while reducing hallway congestion.
  • We will continue with our staggered release at the end of the day to alleviate any hallway congestions as students exit to buses and their cars.
  • We will continue to monitor and limit bathroom capacity throughout the day.
  • Directional flow in the hallways will be reinforced.  We ask that students always travel in the directional flow indicated by arrows and signage around the building.

As always I want to thank you for helping us maintain a safe environment in our building and for reinforcing these important notes with your child.  I eagerly await the return of all of our students to the building.

Stay Well!

Keith Schenker