On December 14, 2016, fifty new members were inducted into the Lazarillo de Tormes chapter of the WHS Spanish Honor Society (SHS). The SHS is a national high school organization which recognizes high-achieving Spanish language students in advanced level classes. 

The Spanish Honor Society was founded by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese in 1953 who felt a need to complement and validate academically high-achieving high school Spanish language students. They required that each member be a model of cultural leadership and a person of integrity. In 1983, the Westlake chapter was established with the name of Lazarillo de Tormes. Their motto is “All for one!” and their colors are saffron yellow and red as depicted on the official banner.

In order to be inducted into the SHS, students must be enrolled in advanced level Spanish (IV or V) and have a cumulative average of at least 92% for all high school level Spanish classes.  They must also have a minimum overall GPA of 85%.  As a result of induction, the members engage in a variety of service driven initiatives to assist at school or in the community through which the target language is instrumental.

This year's ceremony was opened with welcome by Westlake's SHS director and Spanish teacher Maria Mittlemann followed by a short introduction from the chapter president Manny Corona.  Each student's name was read as they were invited up to the podium to light a candle and sign the Spanish Honor Society Register.  

This year's inductees are: 

Victoria Aviles  

Haseeb Azhar  

Talin Bedonian

Mikaela Birch

Allison Brunetto  

Sara Bruni

Juliana Castellano

Amelia Caston  

Angelique Diaz

Michael Dilapi    

Keira Donnelly  

Joelle El Hamouche

Meghan Falahee

Michael Farina

Luciano Giannini

Aidan Glendon

Bryan Gramajo

Ryan Hayes

Sol Ibarra

Cordelia Jannetty

Brian Kelly

Zachary Lubart

Kane Lyons   

Kerrianne Maloney

Daniella Maric

Philip Markuszewski

Maeve McArdle

Erin McMorrow  

Dhanya Mundackal

Divya Mundackal

Katelyn Murphy

Caroline Murray

Terence O’Brien

Jesi Oswald

Luis Pani

Christopher Paniagua

Charles Panzarella  

Christopher Panzarella

Nicholas Papaleo

Kelly Pierce

Susan Pinchiaroli  

Danielle Porco

Michael Pullano

Emily Rubino  

Christine Sharabun

Lauren Schneider

Stephen Simone

Megi Syku

Nina Thur

Austin You