Underclassmen Awards 2018-19

Congratulations to all the students earning awards at the annual Westlake High School Underclassman Awards.  Students are chosen by their teachers for excellence in the classroom.  Awards are given in each of the core subjects, as well as language, art, music, physical education and health. Additionally, 15 juniors are chosen for the prestigious College Book awards.  Students are also recognized for qualifying to the Summa Honor Roll by achieving a cumulative GPA of 95% or better for all three quarters.   70 students in grades 9-11 achieved this distinction this year.  You can find a list of the awards and their winners below. 

College Book Awards

Caleb Levitt

Columbia University Book Award

Outstanding academic achievement with an inclination toward research

Caleb Levitt


Kyra Earley


Elmira College Key Award

Outstanding students who demonstrate school and community leadership

Kyra Earley


Riley Neglia


George Washington Book Award

Academic excellence, leadership outside of the classroom, diversity of thought, and ability to put knowledge into action

Riley Neglia


Samantha Castellano 

Harvard-Radcliffe Book Award

Excellence in scholarship and commitment to high moral character

Samantha Castellano 


Arianna Edwards 

Mount Holyoke Book Award

Excellent academic record with a rigorous course schedule and qualities of leadership and service

Arianna Edwards 


Jake Szeszko 

Rennsselaer Polytechnic Medal

Outstanding math or science student

Jake Szeszko  


Olivia Eng &

Roman Raguso

Rochester Institute of Technology Award in Computing

Distinguishing academics, being active members of school and community and demonstrating interest and ability in computing

Olivia Eng  Roman Ragusso 


Paul Gschneidner &

Katelyn Jaime

Rochester Institute of Technology Innovation & Creativity Medal

An interest and ability in creativity

Paul Gschneidner  Katelyn Jaime 


Jacqueline Andrews

Saint Michael’s College Book Award

Serving others and acting with a social conscience

Jacqueline Andrews 


Kristin Pierce 

Wellesley Book Award

Young women who have been top scholars and are engaged in extracurricular areas

Kristen Pierce 


Kathryn DeVito 

Wells College Award

Commitment to academic achievement while acting as a leader among his or her peers

Kathryn DeVito 


Nicole Musial 

Wesleyan Book Award

Excel in a rigorous course of study and demonstrate independent thought and creative thinking

Nicole Musial 



Course Outstanding Achievement Outstanding Effort
Algebra Marijan Bartolovic (9) Ariel Babich (10)
    Lana Brown (9)
Geometry Honors Michael Mangione (9)  
  Sera Mishra (9)  
Geometry Valentina Rubio (9) Kathleen Bennett (9)
Algebra 2/ Trig Honors Olivia Cartano (10) Carter Falkenberg (10)
Algebra 2/Trig Joseph Piazza (10)  
  Kristin Iannucci (10)  
Algebra 2 Keiran McCormack (11) Jessica Lomurno (11)
Pre-Calculus Honors Liam Naughton (11)  
  Pranav Vadapalli (10)  
Pre-Calculus Peter Cavazzini (11) Alice Warford (11)
AP Statistics Katelyn Jaime (11) Pranav Vadapalli (10)
Principles of Algebra & Geometry Faith Lynch (10) Raymond Lubrino (10)


Course Outstanding Achievement Outstanding Effort
Biology Regents Manpreet Kaur (9) Catherine Cavazzini (9)
Earth Science Regents Anastasia Tchernikov (9) Pierce Auquilla (9)
Chemistry Honors Olivia Cartano (10) Christopher Rivello (10)
Chemistry Regents Sarah Blizard (10) Cristopher Rizzi (10)
Physics Regents Katelyn Jaime (11) Rebecca Cross (11)
Applied Chemistry Lynn Cappa (10) Christopher Alberti (10)
Conceptual Physics Sila Can (11) Timothy Fudale (11)
Environmental Science Kaitlyn McGuinness (11) Renee Preston (11)
Forensics Alessandra Blasone (10) Niko Dominguez (11)
Oceanography  Madeline Bruni (11) Patrick Hickey (11)
Microbiology  Jake Costello (11) Kevin Dierssen (11)
Science Research  Jake Szesko (11) Caleb Levitt (11)
Astronomy Alessandra Blasone (10) Eric Nieves Jr. (11)

Social Studies

Course Outstanding Achievement Outstanding Effort
Global History 9 Peter Mardjonovic (9) Samantha Marinelli (9)
Global History 9H Valentina Rubio (9) Sera Mishra (9)
Global History 10 Richard Clarke (10) Jerry Valiyaparampil Thomas (10)
AP Global History Olivia Cartano (10) Evan O'Brien (10)
US History Lea Bonsignore (11) Matthew Nieves (11)
AP US History Caleb Levitt (11) Rebecca Cross (11)

World Languages

Course Outstanding Achievement Outstanding Effort
Italian 2 Siena Edwards (9)  
  Sera Mishra (9)  
Italian 3 Lynn Cappa (10)  
  Elisabeth Carpinelli (10)  
Italian 4 Arianna Muratore (11)  
  Nicole Musial (11)  
Spanish 1 Gabriela Martinez (11) Ethan Skinner (9)
Spanish 2 Krista Dronzek (9)  
  Elisabeth Lilly (9)  
Spanish 3 Alessandra Blasone (10)  
  Kristin Iannucci (10)  
Spanish 4 Lea Bonsignore (11) Caleb Levitt (11)
    Roman Raguso (11)


Course Outstanding Achievement Outstanding Effort
English 9 Sera Mishra (Honors) Luka Bojovic
English 10 Olivia Cartano (Honors) Stephanie Rosenberg
English 11 Nicole Musial (AP Lang) Ciara Summers
Envisions Valentina Rubio (9) Michael Mangione (9)
Principles of Philosophy Emily Salvi (11) Katherine Weemaels (10)
Speech and Debate Eleanor Dempsey (9) Nicholas Bauco (9)

Young Authors Conference Attendees


Grade 9  
  Glen Ahern
  Shaye Ahern
  Kelly Andrews
  Nicolas Bauco
  Catehrine Cavazzini
  Eleanor Dempsey
  Siena Edwards
  Marabel Jaime
  Elisabeth Lilly
  Michael Mangione
  Sera Mishra
  Jessica Motta
  Elizabeth Pagan
  Valentina Rubio
  Alexandra Tchernikov


Grade 10  
  Phoebe Barnes
  Elisabeth Carpinelli


Course Outstanding Achievement Outstanding Effort
Studio Art Jennifer Straface (9) Colin Higham (9)
Craft and Design Charlotte Catarina (9) Nicholas Puma (9)
Printmaking Jessica Motta (9) Nicholas Carravone (9)
Sculpture Jane Olszweski (9) Scott Saunders (9)
21st Century Art & Design Michael Straface (9) Cristan Flores (9)
Ceramics 1 Peter Cavazzini (11) Amanda Bradley (10)
Ceramics 2 Jason Hebert (11) Kevin Dierssen (11)
Digital Imaging 1 Emily Salvi (11) Ariel Babich (10)
Drawing and Painting 1 Alicia McCarvill (10) Hillary Avila (10)
Drawing and Painting 2 Marianna Poole (11) Lauren Lyden (11)
Fashion Design Hillary Avila (10) Andrea Pereira (11)
Graphic Design 1 Rebecca Cross (11) Theodora Sinis (10)
Graphic Design 2 Elisabeth Schulze (11)  
Media/Video Production 1 Luke Kramer (11) Daniel McCormack (11)
Media/Video Production 2 John Boccardi (11) Tyler Hawkins (11)
Broadcasting James Stuetz (11) Alice Warford (11)
Photo Design 1 Juliette Galletti (10) Aimee Holland (10)
Photo Design 2 Alyssa Bange (10) Emily Specht (11)
Photo Design 3 Matthew Mynes (11)  
Pre AP Art Alexandra Leitch (11) Nicole Izzo (11)



Course Outstanding Achievement Outstanding Effort
Instrumental Music    Kalyna Raguso (9) Catherine Cavazzini (9)
  Olivia Cartano (10) Arianna Pellegrini (10)
    Pranav Vadapalli (10)
  Dayana Servin (11) Roman Raguso (11)
Choral Music Ryan Liebowitz (9) Elizabeth Pagan (9)
  Sera Mishra (9)  
  Mia Williams (10) Samantha Lubart (10)
  Kyra Earley (11) Kieran McCormack (11)
  Kiera Higham (11)  

Physical Education and Health

Course Outstanding Achievement Outstanding Effort
Physical Education Catherine Cavazzini (9) Adrianna Cmiel-Walsh (9)
  Thomas Schutt (9) Nicholas Puma (9)
  Nicole Karaqi (10) Alessandra Blasone (10)
  Matthew Sardo (10) Stephen Rush (10)
  Jason Ausiello (11) Vincent Pisa (11)
  Jessica Prauda (11) Emma Trainor (11)
Health Alicia McCarvill (10) Stephen Rush (10)
Sports Medicine Gabriela Martinez (11) Niko Dominiguez (11)

Summa Honor Roll

The following students have been named to the Summa Honor Roll.  They have received a 95%+ average all three quarters for the 2018-19 school year. 

11th Grade 10th Grade 9th Grade
Lea Bonsignore Angelica Alverez Glen Ahern
Amanda Bradley Stefano Ammaturo Kelly Andrews
Colleen Bradley Alessandra Blasone Giulia Arianna
Samantha Castellano Elisabeth Carpinelli Isabella Badagliacca
Peter Cavazzini Olivia Cartano Nicholas Bauco
Julia Clark Jonathan Clemente Catherine Cavazzini
Juliana Colabatistto Carter Falkenberg Eleanor Dempsey
Arianna Edwards Sophia Garritano Krista Dronzek
Olivia Eng Aimee Holland Siena Edwards
Sadie Feighan Kristin Iannucci Samantha Ferrari
Paul Gschneidner Zachary Katzman Owen Hegarty
Kiera Higham Samantha Lubart Manpreet Kaur
Katelyn Jaime Thomas Marto Elisabeth Lilly
Kiera Higham Nicholas Mulvey Michael Mangione
Samantha LaScala Evan O'Brien Sera Mishra  
Caleb Levitt Alessia Pellegrini Jessica Motta   
Matthew Martin Arianna Pellegrini Aidan Pray   
Arianna Muratore Marco Petrillo Valentina Rubio   
Gabriella Muratore Joseph Piazza Scott Saunders  
Nicole Musial Julie Pinchiaroli Anastasia Tchernikov   
Liam Naughton Deanna Reynolds Autumn Verna   
Roman Raguso Stephanie Rosenberg John Vita   
Emily Salvi Raine Spearman  
Jake Szeszko Pranav Vadapalli  
Maeve Verna    




Student Council/Government

E-Board Secretary Riley Neglia
E-Board Treasurer Kyra Earley
Junior Class President Jacqueline Andrews
Junior Class Vice President Ciara Summers
Junior Class Treasurer Caleb Levitt
Junior Class CCRD Natalie Anderson & Katherine Di Liberti
Sophomore Class President Brandon Martinez
Sophomore Class Vice President Lauren Abbate
Sophomore Class Secretary Phoebe Barnes
Sophomore Class Treasurer Rachel Raguso 
Sophomore Class CCRD Lily Tobiasen 
Freshman Class President Kelly Andrews 
Freshman Class Vice President  Kalyna Raguso 
Freshman Class Secretary Shaye Ahern 
Freshman Class Treasurer Katie Summers 

Student Government Awards

American Legion Boys State Award Roman Raguso
  Caleb Levitt
  Niko Dominguez
American Legion - Girls State Riley Neglia
HOBY Award Julie Pinchiaroli