(Face-to-face meetings occur one or two times a month, digital contact occurs occasionally throughout the month), Room 200.

The Westlake Word is dedicated to providing the local community with news that ranges from updates at Westlake High School to breaking news across the world. Student journalists and editors actively select stories that will have an impact on the minds of its readers in hopes to inform, advise, persuade, commemorate, and entertain. These individuals actively participate in documenting Westlake's and the world's history in order to foster communication and change in society.

Advisor--Mrs. Muller, Imuller@mtplcsd.org


Pendulum is the name of the yearbook publication.  Yearbook is a publication club dedicating towards documenting the entire school year's events into 176 pages.  This fun and fast paced activity brings together the concepts of business management, graphic design, planning, photography, writing, and sales.  There is a role for everyone in this club.  We have experts and novice staff which work together to build a stronger skill set for the overall group.  Students craft this publication which will be remembered and treasured for many years.  The staff works hard to include all students and their special memories.

Advisor- Ms. Melinda Gray- mgray@mtplcsd.org
Yearbook Business Advisor--Ms. Oliveras, toliveras@mtplcsd.org