2020-2021 YEARBOOK




To order a YEARBOOK or an AD (Business or Senior tribute), please go to yearbookordercenter.com and enter job 4387.

Yearbooks are still available to order.

Students can share pictures as well as send a selfie to take the place of a portrait photo.  If this is what you want to do, please email WHSyearbook@mtplcsd.org for details on how to submit!


Senior Portraits

Please select two portraits.  One formal and one casual.  We will use both, but the formal is the most important.  The casual photos are used in other parts of the book and special senior pages.  It’s a way to get a few pics of our seniors in the book.  Please select these by the deadline on the Lors portal.

If you missed the opportunity to take a portrait on campus, you have two options to get a portrait in the yearbook:

1)Set up an appointment with Lors to go to their studio in New Jersey.

2)I will set up a mock up portrait session (this is only for those who never took a photo as this takes a lot of editing for me to make it look like the lors portraits).  It will only be formal wear and you can email me at WHSYearbook@mtplcsd.org if you are in that predicament and need a portrait.

We are looking for fun Throw Back Photos of the seniors from all ages Pre-k through middle school.  If you have a fun photo (please one per family as it gets to be too hard to keep track), please email the photo to me at WHSYearbook@mtplcsd.org and please include who is in the photo.  If the photo doesn’t have a list of who is pictured in it, I may not be able to use it.  Group shots are the best for this.

Please let me know when there are questions that come up.  I know there are a lot of parents trying to help me communicate information, but the messages are getting mixed and the information is getting confusing.

Joanne Massi

Westlake High School Yearbook Advisor